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welcome! self love is a community where women can safely discuss masturbation and other body issues and get advice. feel free to share experiences, tips, and advice. tasteful pictures are also allowed, but please use the lj cut tag.

this is an open community for women. there is no age limit, but members must be mature. please be respectful of everyone's views and opinions.

if you choose to join, please read and respect all of the rules before joining.


*no posts unrelated to female body and masturbation topics. this isn't a community to post random quiz results.

*absolutely no males. i'm not discriminating, but this community is to discuss issues specifically about the female body. any male members will be removed.

*no insulting others. please respect everyone's views and opinions.

*this is not a porn community. if you have a tasteful picture relating to masturbation or containing nudity please use the lj-cut tag or it will be removed.

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