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Hardware Annie

First post, take two! (I loathe rich text)

Hello all! I'm new here, the name's Annie! And while I'm here for more than just a shameless promo for myself, it is also that ^_^ Here's a quick over view on the birth of this journal;

My sister, mivox, runs this site: http://thingsyoucantaskmom.com/ She recently received an e-mail from Babe Land (http://www.babeland.com/) inquiring about sending her free toys in trade for reviews. She promptly (and enthusiastically) agreed. But that wasn't the end of that! No-sir-ee, not for that thoughtful sister of mine, she quickly proposed to them the idea of a couple friends (i.e. a friend of ours and I) reaping the rewards, and they were happy to accommodate! This led to the almost birth of A Review by Two Sisters and a Blonde (or something like that), until we learned that all reviews must be on separate websites. Ah well, c'est la vie. So, this blog was born!

I can't wait, for our first review, they're sending us each one of these: http://store.babeland.com/sexy-packs/eco-delight-kit

As for me as a person, I've had a bumpy sexual past (not STD bumpy, thank god =P), and am only just now learning healthy sexual habits. And you got to learn to love yourself first and foremost! So here I am =)
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Good to meet you.