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What's It Got in Its Toy Chest?

I decided to turn this into a meme:

In a new post, make a list of all the toys you've ever owned, prefacing each toy with (LG) - Long Gone, or (SIC) - Still in Chest. Give a little summary or blurb about what you liked or didn't like about the toy, and include a link to the manufacture or your local toy store so we have a visual to know what you're talking about. You can include all things you bought deliberately as masturbatory aids, and can decide for yourself whether to include "things around the house" that you found useful, or used frequently.

In roughly chronological order, my toy collection is as follows:

(LG) Bed Pole – My first, well, second love (since the pole across the street was really the first.) It was the head rail from my bunk bed and it was loved well for many years.

(LG) The Big Pink Thing – It was big. It was pink. It was probably definitely silicon. It was shaped like a large phallus, with balls at the base. It vibrated and the cock head oscillated. Both intensity of vibration, and speed of cock head rotation were variable. If I still had it today (and hadn’t taken it apart) I probably would enjoy it more, but at the time it was too big for me (hurt and left me too loose for Robin) and the oscillation didn’t do a lot for me. It was shoddily made, the connections between the controller and the wire to the toy were pretty crappy. It was a length of silicon over a handful of packing peanuts around a piece of wire. I was even more scared of it once I took it apart and saw how it was made. Live and learn.

Simular to this:

(SIC) The Purple vibe – Your basic variable speed vibrator. Still in my toy chest, even though it’s one of the two vibes originally bought with my mother. Still works perfectly well. It’s not very well made, and the plastic will die eventually, but it gets the job done. I’d recommend everyone have one as they’re basic starting point.

Basically something like:

(LG) Massager 1
(LG) Massager 2

- Both of these were credit card freebies. Your basic plastic base with a button in the middle. I did use these for a bit because if I used them as “massagers” it caused my muscles to twitch, but using them on my clit worked. Anyway, they were OK. Hair tended to get caught under the button. I think I still have them lying around somewhere, but they’re not really part of the main kit.

(SIC) Waterdancer – This was a bit too strong on its own, but fun to use in the bath with a partner. The water helps to mute the vibrations, somewhat. I also found the “buttons” entangled hair if used without lube or water. Still, it lives up to its main function – being water proof. I’ve had mine for a few years now, and the seal still holds.

(LG) IClit – This seemed like a good idea, and really wasn’t. Womyn’s Ware is now offering a different brand and I don’t know if it’s any better. Mine cracked pretty much as soon as it was out of the package, and never held it’s water seal at all. I tried to replace mine, but the new one died, too. There are better quality bullet vibes out there.

Flame Harness Kit:

- (SIC) bullet vibe – I think I lost it before I had enough time to play with it and form an assessment. OK, that's bizarre. I just checked our collection to see if I missed anything, and I found my bullet vibe. I need to play with it more.

- (LG) flame dill – Too big for me, I gave it away.
- (SIC) harness – Haven’t had much opportunity to use it.

(LG) Finger vibe – The would have worked better, if the piece of plastic over the battery compartment hadn’t broken off. For what it’s intended for – making fingering more fun, it works pretty well. It’s just very small and easy to lose and break parts for it. Would need to be replaced fairly often. It doesn’t seem that anyone in the lower mainland is selling them right now.

(SIC) Silicon animals for Finger Vibe - Kola bear, kiwi, platypus
These were fun, and while designed to fit over the finger vibe, they can be fitted over a variety of vibe heads. Completely sanatizable and interchangeable and they add interesting sensations depending on what part of the fully textured pet you play with. I would up with I think two platypuses, but I would definitely recommend picking up a set to anyone that likes vibes and wants to add sleeves. Also doing a bad job of finding these online.

Sort of like this: in silicon, doesn’t look like they make the finger vibe I had much any more.

(LG) Hello Kitty Vibe
Robin went out of his way to find this for me to prove it exisits, but I found the vibrations too strong for me. Gave it away. It really exisits.

(SIC) Smart Balls – This is one of those “sounds like a better idea than it is.” The idea is that the loose something in the middle of the sealed ball rattles around when you move, creating vibrations that make you happy. In actuality, it doesn’t really work, unless you were planning a day of double-dutch skipping on speed. The most fun I managed with them was when I actually *forgot* they were in me, and Robin tried to put himself in behind them. Gave me an interesting moment of increased pressure, but other than that, nada. It’s possible if you’re really sensitive vaginally, or just really like having something sitting in there, that this might be fun, but otherwise, mostly a waste of money on our part. I had them in orange, I guess.

(SIC) Swingers Pad – One of Robin’s “clever ideas” and another one that seemed like a better idea than it was. We tried it, over his errection with the bulk of it on his stomach for me to grind against. I could barely tell it was there, and I think we only used it once.

(SIC) Chain Maille Balls X 3 – As soon as I saw these, I knew I’d enjoy them. But they’re for my kink, so I dunno if anyone else would like them. Bit of an issue with getting pinched between links, but all part of the fun.

(SIC) Chain Maille Box Chain – Same deal

(SIC) Pretty Kitty – Of all the vibes I’ve owned, I like this one the best. (With the possible exception of the purple Lady’s Finger that I still use.) It’s cute, it’s duel use, and I’m really liking the combination of being penetrated and having my clit teased at the same time. This one is quite versatile and useful.

(SIC) PureWand – I think I’ve raved enough about this one already!

(SIC) The Eleven – Probably going to try it with Dave for the first time this weekend. I can’t wait!

I think that’s basically the lot. This doesn’t include the dills and plugs that are technically Robin’s. It also doesn’t include my modest assortment of whips, restraints, handcuffs, flavoured lubes, and chocolate body paint, all of which require a partner.

So, share! What’s in your Toy Chest? What’s your all-time favourite toy?
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