lovetouch2002 (lovetouch2002) wrote in selflove,

TUMMY HUMPING ! (x-posted)

I had this experience with a g/f when I was about 25....she was 23. She kinda was embarrassed to tell me how she masturbated because she thought it was childish. I didn't think so at all.......infact i told her i thought it was special that she still did it that way.....kinda unique. I had read that many girls started that way. Infact as a guy I started by humping the sheets on my bed. I asked her if she would show me how she did it. Well. she did and it was a very very hot.. I just laid down next to her and kissed her face gently as she began humping slowly using a pillow on the carpet. I could feel her face getting hotter and she continued. She started going faster and i started to french kiss her a a few minutes she was getting closer and closer to orgasm...I was very passionately kissing her. She orgasmed so beautiuflly and I kissed her so deeply. It was a wonderful experience for both of us.......good memory.....very HOT!!!!

Any other girls masturbate this way or have seen someone else doing it??
Please share........
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