lovetouch2002 (lovetouch2002) wrote in selflove,

Have you accidently been caught or caught someone else Masturbating???

What were the circumstances? How did u respond?? Was it exciting or a turn-on?
Did it lead to anything??

Please share all the details!!!!
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the only time i ever got caugh masturbating was when i was in elementary school (probably between 2nd and 4th grades). i was horrified that someone caught me. as a child, i always thought masturbation was wrong. adults had basically told me not to.

screw 'em! heh.
I've been caught many times since I was five years old, I just never care, my mother never told me it was wrong, on the contrary, she was always telling me that, "that is good"...I love masturbating.


March 23 2016, 13:20:10 UTC 1 year ago

I didnt stop and she watched me for awhile she put her hand n her pant and played with her pussy