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nude photos

hi, this is my first posting here, so i hope i get it right. i am a lesbian and have always enjoyed looking at nude photos of beautiful women when i masturbate. not the dirty kind, but tasteful, artistic nudes. mostly topless, especially fashion models. i have an interest in fashion and i find lots of nude photos of models on fashion sites. i was wondering if there are other women who also look at such photos and find it to be very arousing. also, if there is anyone with a collection of models' nude photos they would like to share, i would be happy to share mine with her. please no pussy pics. i'm talking about  the kind of photos you see in vogue or cosmo. and i will only share with women who like women. my collection is now about 600 such photos. hope someone will comment on this. don't want to think i'm the only girl who gets off this way. thanks and love to all who have boobs and also love others' boobs.  ---peggy
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