. (a_small_star) wrote in selflove,

Okay, so this is probably very, very unorthodox of me, but I'm just slightly desperate.

I am on the hunt for someone who would not mind ether buying an inexpensive starter vibe or buying one in exchange for money I will give them to buy one to have shipped (discreetly) to me.

I turn eighteen at the end of this month, and so it's not really that I'm not old enough to do it -- it's that I don't have any option but to live at home (because if I'm still a dependent of my stepfather, I get free college tuition -- uhm, not going anywhere) for the next couple years and my family is ... intensely Catholic. They are not big fans of the self love!

Just curious if there's anyone willing to help me out -- I live in Florida in the US.
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